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Torchlight III is leaving Early access this October

Published: 20:27, 29 September 2020
Perfect World Entertainment
Torchlight 3 video-game art, showing heroes from the game
Torchlight III

Torchlight III is the successor to the Torchlight I & II, originally developed by Runic Games. This fast-paced dungeon crawler brings fans back to the beloved Torchlight universe to hack and slash their way through a brand new world.

What was once announced as Torchlight: Frontiers is now known as Torchlight III, the true successor to the Torchlight I and II. The studio behind the game, Echtra Games, have planned to release it as a free-to-play spin-off, but they have retooled the title and rebranded it as a premium sequel instead. 

We salute this decision, as we're big fans of the Torchlight series, mainly because of its fast-paced gameplay and colorful art design. It is like a happy version of Diablo.

According to the founder of Echtra Games, the change from the free-to-play spin-off to full sequel came about through a combination of the natural development process and feedback from Torchlight: Frontiers alpha testers.

After a couple of years in the Early-Access on PC, the torch is about to kindle on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, with the Nintendo Switch version getting released later on.

Every platform will get exclusive fairy-pets, well, the same pet just in a different color. 

  • Steam: Violet Glittersprite
  • Xbox One: Verdant Glittersprite
  • PlayStation®4: Azure Glittersprite
  • Nintendo Switch: Ashen Glittersprite

Perfect World Entertainment screenshot from RPG game Torchlight 3, showing gameplay Torchlight III: A Diablo-like ARPG is coming out this October on PC, PS4 and XBOX One.

Torchlight III features four diverse hero classes and five powerful relics with unique abilities and strengths:

  • The Dusk Mage is an enchanter who harnesses the power of light and dark energy to conjure devastating attacks. 
  • The Forged is a powerful robot who relies on an arsenal of weaponry to build up heat and unleash explosive assaults.
  • The Railmaster is a locomotive savvy powerhouse who steams into combat with a massive hammer and heavily armed battle train.
  • The Sharpshooter is a powerful and nimble ranged character who uses incredible skill with ranged weapons and magical trinkets to take on enemies from afar. 
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