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Today's Inside Xbox games will have Xbox Series X Optimized label

Published: 11:04, 07 May 2020
Xbox Series X Optimized logo
Xbox Series X - You'll see it a lot, Microsoft promised

In anticipation of tonight's Inside Xbox episode, Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series Optimized logo, which they promise you'll see a lot more of after today.

Inside Xbox will be going live tonight, although that depends on where you reside. You can refer here for the exact times of Microsoft's next-gen presentation.

As for the logo, Microsoft want you to know when you're playing games tuned specifically for Xbox Series X's superior hardware, and the reason is not just boasting. 

Seeing as how the green team won't be launching with next-gen exclusives, it's safe to expect a number of cross-gen titles that will make for a more gradual transition to the next-gen. 

In practice, this is no different from what Microsoft and Sony are doing with Xbox One X and PS4 Pro - if you shell out for Xbox Series X hardware, you'll be given an option to see the difference. 

One of the prime examples of cross-gen and Xbox Series X Optimized game is Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, and we'll get to see some of it tonight. 

Mind you, it won't be a gameplay demo as the game's creative director Ashraf Ismail confirmed via Twitter, but more of a teaser into what the game will entail. Nevertheless, you should expect some visuals that make their predecessors look like entry-level consoles. 

Microsoft Xbox Series X, Games reveal Xbox Series X, Games reveal

Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios have quite a year ahead of them, not least due to the ongoing pandemic, but the company's in-house development capacities have never been stronger. 

They recently Tweeted the list of games the 20 studios are working on and these are, "Halo Infinite, Gears 6, Tactics, Compulsion, Wasteland 3+RPG, Flight Sim, Hellblade, Everwild, SoT, SoD3, Forza8, FH5, Fable, DoubleFine: New, Tell Me Why, Minecraft+Dungeons, AoE4, ObsidianRPG, Perfect Dark."

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