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The new Xbox Series X is on fire. Literally.

Published: 12:32, 11 November 2020
A screenshot from a twitter video showing a Brand-new Xbox Series X on fire, allegedly
Brand-new Xbox Series X catches fire, allegedly

Forget about buying an additional controller, get the fire extinguisher for your Xbox Series X. That console can catch fire faster than wood, even while being in the home menu.

Just kidding. Yesterday was a huge day for Microsoft. They officially launched two new video-game systems globally. Big day for all Xbox fans, and we want to congratulate both Microsoft and gamers on the new era of gaming.

Every time a new generation of console arrives, some of us like to wait a bit before purchasing a new piece of hardware and let early adaptors to do the 'testing' of new equipment.

Just a day after the release of Microsoft's new gaming console, Xbox Series X (and Series S), people started posting online videos showing smoke coming out of their new console. It's a scary sight for any gamer, and we only hope that this is just an isolated case (or a fake one, as many people believe).

As you can see, one person from Poland even tagged Xbox Poland's official Twitter account in desperate need of help, asking will his console be replaced in the warranty after it caught fire (uhmm.. probably not) while being idle in the menu, allegedly.

There's another video posted on reddit , showing the same scary stuff - smoke coming out of the brand-new Xbox Series X console. The social media is almost instantly overflooded by memes and funny comments, like "XSX is coming with a campfire feature", edited pictures of XSX on fire with burgers on top, etc.

Twitter A meme from Twitter, showing Elon Musk holding an Xbox Series X console on fire - edited. Elon Musk is not happy.

It wouldn't be a surprise if it's all staged, but the funny memes coming out of this story will at least make you laugh a bit. You be the judge if videos are authentic or not. We're just going to play The Prodigy's hit-single "Firestarter" while reading comments and browsing through memes today. 

*starts humming Firestarter melody*

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