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Teamfight Tactics matchmaking will prevent repeat match-ups

Published: 14:14, 06 August 2019
Riot Games
Picture of a match in Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics positioning

Teamfight Tactics is off to a great start but it has some issues. One of them happens to match the same two players up several times in a row even though other players are still in the game. It will be fixed in an upcoming update.

Teamfight Tactics depends on RNG, just like other autobattlers, but sometimes the randomisation can be oppressive in Riot's take on the genre. Repeat match-ups are certainly the case on the current version of TFT but this is going to be changed with League of Legends patch 9.16.

The information comes from Geoff Marsi, Riot's technical game designer who is responsible for some of the company's RNG-based systems, such as ARAM mode for League. Therefore, it is no wonder he works on many random occurrences tied to Teamfight Tactics as well.

Anyway, Marsi that TFT is getting a completely different in-game matchmaking system with patch 9.16. The change should make it "extremely unlikely" to face the same team or ghost army twice or more times in a row, provided there are more than two players left in total.

Keep in mind that he didn't specifically say such occurrences would be impossible but the frequency should go down drastically.

While this change will bring a lot of joy to Teamfight Tactics players, it is not where the goodies of patch 9.16 stop. It will also bring the second beta pass which will be once again free of charge and three new Little Legends.

Players are likely to get another egg within that pass that will allow them to get a new Little Legend, again at no charge, but it is currently unknown whether we will be able to choose from the newest additions.

Riot Games Pantheon's new splash art in League of Legends League of Legends - Pantheon

Since Teamfight Tactics patching is tied to that of League of Legends, these changes and additions will arrive at the same time as Pantheon's rework. In case you play both games like me, this is bound to pose a conundrum over whether to grind the new pass or see what the new Mantheon has in store for us.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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