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Super Kickers League gets the first new team through DLC

Published: 20:35, 24 February 2020
Xaloc Studios
Super Kickers League
Super Kickers League

Super Kickers League launched on 24 January 2020 and exactly one month after release, the developers announced DLC called Goths and Vampires.

Xeloc Studios launched one of the most interesting arcade football experiences in recent history with Super League Kickers. It features all kinds of wonky things like no referees, superpowers to literally beat the enemy team down and total mayhem on the pitch.

As the game launched, Xeloc introduced 10 teams with their own quirks and special skills. The 11th and 12th teams are due for release on 2 March 2020. They will be called Black Stripes and Animal Bites.

Black Stripes, or Team Goth, will be led by Damien Dark whose special power is Existential Void. While it may sound that way, he is not all about inducing existential crisis into his opponents. Damien will instead create a black hole that pulls in the enemy team and slows them down.

Meanwhile, Elisa Crimson will lead Animal Bites (Team Vampire) and will be able to summon bats to harass the opposing team. Apparently, it has something to do with mascots, which should make the whole affair even funnier.

The new black-clad teams will come with a brand new pitch, the Haunted House. Who would've guessed? Anyway, playing on this map during the night should prove to be more than the teams bargained for as that's the time when the ghosts decide to come out. 

Neither Xeloc nor the publisher, Just For Games, announced whether the DLC will be paid yet. If it is, there is no price tag that is publicly available.

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