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Pathologic remake now has a playable demo

Published: 13:47, 15 March 2017
Ice-Pick Lodge

Pathologic demo is no longer exclusive to backers

Pathologic was critically acclaimed but poorly localised and translated psychological survival horror from 2005, developed by the Moscow based studio Ice-Pick Lodge. A HD remaster was released two years ago, with general improvements to graphics and attempts to fix the translation issues.

Ice-Pick Lodge Pathologic Pathologic

Ice-Pick Lodge have made a demo showcasing their plans for a later successfully kickstarted Pathologic remake which was then distributed to backers and is now available to everyone for free.

Ice-Pick Lodge Pathologic Pathologic

The Marble Nest demo is a self contained spin-off based on the original game and aims at showcasing the reimagining of Pathologic with updates do overall visuals and modernisation in the mechanics department.

Ice-Pick Lodge Pathologic Pathologic

You can get the demo on Steam and the Pathologic Remake should be coming to PC and consoles in Fall 2017.

Pathologic artwork

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Pathologic artwork

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