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Square Enix intentionally mislead people by telling them that Project Athia was FFXVI

Published: 10:42, 09 December 2020
Square Enix
Project Athia screenshot showing gorgeous scenery
Project Athia

Project Athia Yosuke Matsuda's pet project and Square Enix's next big IP. The game was reportedly such a secret project for so long that the devs had to mislead people by telling them it's FFXVI.

Not a lot has been said about Square Enix's next PlayStation 5 exclusive which is currently under codename Project Athia. The game, which was revealed at the PlayStation 5 event earlier this year is described as a story-led action-adventure from Square Enix's studio Luminous Productions. 

Today, we have a couple of new information about the scope of the project and how the publisher managed to keep the game under the wraps for a long long time. The information comes from reliable Imran Khan but since it's not released by official channels, we suggest you take it just as a rumour.

Khan claims that Square Enix is "very heavily invested in the game". Apparently, the expectations are that they want it to be their next big thing. Project Athia is Yosuke Matsuda's (the CEO of Square Enix) pet project and believe it or not, the game was such a secret project for so long that the team intentionally mislead people by telling them it was FFXVI. 

Khan also claims that the star of the game is someone from Charlie's Angels but he did not say specifically who.  Some players assume it could be Ella Ballinska, based on the character's appearance in the trailer.

Project Athia still does not have a release date but we know it's coming to PS5 and PC. It will be a console exclusive for PS5 at least for two years but it's expected to arrive to Xbox Series X as soon as the exclusivity period expires.

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