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Squad based Alien game, Dark Descent, revealed with gameplay trailer

Published: 19:55, 09 June 2022
Focus Entertainment
Aliens: Dark Descent
Aliens: Dark Descent

Tindalos Interactive and Focus Entertainment unveiled their upcoming game set in the Alien universe, which will have a somewhat different perspective and gameplay design from what one might expect.

Aliens: Dark Descent has been announced for release at some point in 2023 but the trailer showcased some pretty good-looking gameplay footage already. Furthermore, screenshots are available on the official website, allowing you to catch a few details you might have missed on the video.

Unlike the previous games in the same setting, we will not be playing this one from the first-person perspective. Instead, the game will be isometric and have us control a squad of marines.

There will be an RPG character progression for the marines as they will feature five distinct classes with "dozens of specialisations, unique abilities and weapons".

Besides the iconic Xenomorphs, the players will have to face other threats, including the Facehuggers, Praetorians, Alien Queens, rogue human commandos and some sort of new threat we didn't see in the franchise before.

It looks like there will be a lot of focus on storytelling and it will be intertwined with your squad's dynamics. For example, not managing their health and resources properly can result in permanent soldier losses and mental breakdowns.

Overall, it seems like our squad will be tasked with stopping a Xenomorph outbreak before it grows too large to contain. Fun just never stops in this universe.

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