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Rumour: Dragon Age Netflix show in "active production"

Published: 09:20, 27 July 2021
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser

Netflix might be gearing up to produce a Dragon Age TV show, or at least that's what the rumour mill has been hitting us with this morning. The show is apparently in the early stages of active production.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks for Netflix and the gaming industry. First, the entertainment giant announced a possible foray into the world of gaming by adding them to their streaming platform sometime in 2022.

Today, we've seen reports of somewhat different but potentially equally exciting: a Dragon Age TV show could be in the early stages of production over at the house of N.

Dragon Age show on Netflix

Rumours about BioWare's beloved title going episodic have stemmed from "a trusted and proven" source that claims that the show is in active development. This could mean a lot of different things, but our money is on a green-lit pilot and a couple of episode orders by the studio if the initial rumour is true.

Details about what a Netflix-produced Dragon Age series would look like are scarce but the fans have voiced their opinions and would most definitely like an animated approach instead of going live-action.

Netflix has had great success with adapting famous RPGs to the silver screen, the latest being The Witcher series in the live-action bracket. The merits of producing an animated show are clear if we take a look at another game translated over to the small screen: Castlevania.

Also on Netflix, Castlevania (the animated TV show) has enjoyed roaring success and high praise for its engaging anti-narrative way of adapting an interactive piece of entertainment into a "sit back and watch" affair.

Source: Giant Freaking Robot.

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