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Rogue Company's new map, leaver punishment system and more now on test server

Published: 18:10, 31 July 2020
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company - Vice
Rogue Company - Vice

Hi-Rez announced the changes and additions that were added for experimentation on the public test server, including Vice, leaver system, practice range and more. Only some players can access the server though.

Rogue Company's public test server will be accessible only to the players who were invited by the developers. In order to know whether you made the cut, check you email for any invitations from Hi-Rez. The PTS will remain up over the weekend.

Vice is the new addition to the testing grounds. This map seems to be heavily influenced by '80s Miami with the colour scheme and the name itself but is set in a futuristic version of the city. 

Deserter system is in place on PTS and there will be three categories that will qualify for punishment:

  • Leavers who depart the match early (not through disconnection)
  • AFKers who haven't made an action in roughly two minutes
  • Players who disconnected at least five minutes before the match ends

There are no permanent bans in place yet it seems and the length of being unable to join a match will vary depending on the number of infractions:

  • First offence - 10 minutes
  • Second offence - 30 minutes
  • Third offence - four hours
  • Fourth offence - 24 hours

Hi-Rez Studios Rogue Company Dima, Ronin and Talon have additional voice lines on PTS

One interesting feature added is the buyback system that will let players sell their items before leaving the Chimera.

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