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Road to Six Invitational event now live, date set for SI tournament

Published: 19:34, 25 January 2021
Rainbow Six Siege - Road to Six Invitational key art with logo
Rainbow Six Siege - Road to Six Invitational

All Operators released for Rainbow Six Siege are now available during the game's Road to Six Invitational event. The players can progress through the event tiers and unlock a bunch of cosmetics.

Rainbow Six Siege's Road to Six Invitational event is now underway. The Road to SI event runs Thursdays through Mondays (kicking off this past weekend) and will go on until February 22.

The Road to Six Invitational 2021 brings a revamped version of the Stadium map where players can show off their skills and try out any Operator in the Siege roster. All Operators, as well as their unique gadgets, have been unlocked so it's a great time to give each one a spin around the battlefield.

As you're trying out each Operator, you can progress and earn rewards through the Road to SI Battle Pass. Moving up through the 100 tiers will unlock up to 135 rewards, including headgear, uniforms, and weapon skins.

The free track is available to all players, while the premium track carrying the full reward slate is available for purchase using R6 credits. A portion of the revenue from the Battle Pass will go to the prize pool for the Six Invitational.

Rainbow Six Siege - Road to Six Invitational tournament

The Six Invitational tournament will start on February 9. This year's event will see 20 teams compete in a LAN environment in Paris, France. The fans can expect competitive matches and reveals of upcoming content as well as new features for Rainbow Six Siege.

Check out further event details and safety protocol information in  the Six Invitational 2021 Event Guide . Those interested in the action can tune in on Twitch and YouTube in a few weeks.

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