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Rainbow Six Siege Queue Sniping protection is ready, Stream Sniping needs more work

Published: 18:56, 16 March 2021
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Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft announced their plans for tackling Rainbow Six Siege stream sniping and while Queue Sniping protection does launch in Y6S1.1, Stream Sniping needs more work.

The move comes at a time when the number of high profile streamers being plagued by stream snipers is just insane, so it's definitely nice seeing Ubi take more interest in the matter. 

Rainbow Six Siege developer had some help from players, and they're likely to need some more as they tweeted:

"Your TS feedback on Streamer Mode has been a huge help and has helped us make two decisions:

  • Queue Sniping protection will release as its own set of features in Y6S1.1
  • Stream Sniping development will continue until it meets the expectations of our players and streamers"

Queue Sniping allows players to hide their regions and latencies, but you can use it to set a random matchmaking delay as well. This effectively minimises the chances of your stream snipers jumping into the same lobby. 

Unfortunately, the Rainbow Six Siege team won't be launching Stream Sniping protection right away, at least until it's capable of protecting players as it was intended. They refrained from giving timeline predictions, but the community will be informed as soon as there is progress to report. 

We're not sure whether Ubisoft will make it in time for the current season, at least judging by the tone, but we suppose it's better to do it right than have to explain why your protection doesn't protect.

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