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Tachanka is a pink unicorn in R6 Siege's April Fools' Day prank

Published: 17:00, 01 April 2019
picture showing tachanka from r6 siege
Lord Tachanka

Rainbow Six Siege's April Fools' Day prank is turning the tactical shooter into a Toy Story-style playground with a new mode. Named Rainbow is Magic, the new mode is full of colourful skins, items and toys and it runs until 08 April 2019.

Ubisoft have given Rainbow Six Siege a colourful makeover in celebration of April Fools' Day. The publisher announced that a new in-game event named Rainbow is Magic is now available to all players on all platforms and it will run for a limited time - until 08 April 2019.

The new event will shrunk the Plane map into a tiny Toy Story-style location with colourful characters, taking all the visual seriousness from the game and replacing it with unicorns, teddy bears and pink clothing.

During the event, you'll have to rescue the VIP teddy bear or Very Important Plushie how Ubisoft calls it. The teddy bear is held inside the toy-sized plane and it's up to you and your squad to save it.

For this critical task, players will get to choose among four hand-picked Operators - Blackbeard and Montagne as attackers, Smoke and Tachanka as defenders. All of the makeovers are hilarious but Lord Tachanka is taking the spotlight with his unicorn headgear that you can see in the picture above. A clothing item worth of such an iconic Rainbow Six Siege operator.

Along with these operators, you can also pick from nine toy soldiers to complete your squad: Ash, Thermite, Thatcher, Sledge, Castle, Kapkan, Bandit, Frost and if there was ever any doubt - Recruit.

Furthermore, Ubisoft are introducing 17 exclusive items with guaranteed no duplicate drops. These are, of course, all about colourful toys and unicorns. The new gear includes full battle dress uniforms and headgears for Smoke, Tachanka, Montagne and Blackbeard. You can check some of the items in the picture below.

Ubisoft picture showing several characters in pink costumes Rainbow is Magic

Those who log in during the event will be rewarded with Rainbow is Magic Collection Pack and get packs at a discounted price - 300 R6 Credits. You can earn more rewards by simply playing and completing the Club Challenges.

You can check more about the new limited time event on Ubisoft's .

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