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Overwatch teaser - what does it mean?

Published: 20:02, 03 April 2017
Updated: 20:31, 03 April 2017
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Blizzard have posted an Overwatch teaser which points to something happening with the game on April 12. There's a glimpse of a new skin for Tracer - and some kind of QR code. All very mysterious.

Blizzard's Australia and New Zealand Twitter has posted a short video on Twitter, which also briefly appeared on the Facebook account, but was rapidly taken down.

Accompanied by the cryptic message: "Initiating archive declassification … Mission files unlock: 12 April" whatever is going to happen looks set to occur sometime in the past. Seven years ago to be exact.

Thanks to youtuber  , who grabbed it quick fast, you can view it above.

Our Overwatch experts seem to think that whatever is happening, it is likely to feature the Omnics. King's Row is an Omnic Sanctuary after all. Some kind of robot rebellion looks to be on the cards.

And as the teaser uses the word archive, it seems Overwatch players might be about to learn a little background history to the game's story - Blizzard have always loved taking us back in the past after all, as WoW players will testify.



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