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Nova gets Succession and Awakening in Black Desert Online

Published: 22:24, 06 January 2021
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Online - Nova
Black Desert Online - Nova

Pearl Abyss updated the new character, Nova, with her Awakening and Succession skills which should offer the players a new gameplay loop, as per usual.

Nova's Awakening and Succession are now live on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. These transformations will bring new abilities along with her new weapon, Sting, which can take the form of a sword or scythe.

However, Nova's Succession will focus on using the Morning Star and Quratum to the maximum potential for those heavy hits and will serve as the balanced combat style. It will also provide control of Axian, the King of the Dead, who can be summoned after sacrificing the Thornwood Guards and portion of her own HP.

Nova's Succession abilities are:

  • Prime: King of the Dead - summons Axian
  • Prime: Entangling Icy Thorns - creates a ring of thorns that ensnare enemies and commands Axian to attack them
  • Prime: Fianchetto - upward morning star attack that launches enemies who become Axian's focus
  • Prime: Icy Prison - commands Axian to use a cold attack on enemies

Awakening will focus on using Sting for AoE and focused attacks and has the following abilities:

  • Royal Fencing: Remise - thrusts Sting repeatedly into the enemies
  • Comet - charge and enemy and attack them with Sting
  • Starfall - AoE attack with blades of light that launch into the enemies
  • Star's Ring - Sting turns into a scythe and Nova hurls it into the enemies to trap and crush them

On top of that, an event is now live until February 3, 2021, which will award Gold Bars, combat xp increase scrolls, Shakatu's rare chests and item collection increase scrolls, provided you reach levels between 58 and 61 with your Nova.

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