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League of Legends: Ka'isa, the Daughter of the Void champion preview

Published: 18:15, 20 February 2018
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Ka'isa splash art shows a woman in armor in shades of black and violet
League of Legends Ka'isa

League of Legends fans have been speculating about the potential release of Kassadin's daughter who was previously lost to the Void, and the latest teasers seemed to reaffirm that theory. The latest leak, however, proves it to be correct.

Riot Games teased the upcoming champion through in-game effects a while ago, as the Rift Herald would mysteriously get killed just before the 20th minute of the game, in case players didn't do it beforehand. The playerbase immediately reacted to it with various theories about the upcoming champion, but the majority thought it was Kassadin's daughter, and as it turned out they were right.

The new champion, Ka'isa, was leaked on garena, with an unfinished champion preview page. Her small bit of revealed lore and her title both confirm the fans' theory, but her play style and abilities may be of more interest than her role to the more competitive players. Riot has already described her as a high risk-high reward type of AD carry, citing Vayne as their inspiration.

Riot Games Splash art of the first available skin for Ka'isa in League of Legends seems to be a high tech suit in blue and gray shades. League of Legends Ka'isa

As mentioned before her preview page was incomplete, probably because it wasn't meant to be showcased yet and the view previews of her abilities were literally added as I was writing this article. Her abilities' descriptions are on the site though and it looks like she will be able to spec into either AD or AP, with her symbiotic suit adapting her abilities to whatever she builds more.

This mechanic seems a little bit like Kayn's red and blue versions, but unlike him - it is implied that Ka'isa will be able to re-spec her playstyle mid game by simply building more AP or selling AD items and vice versa. It also appears that while her development was inspired by Vayne, Ka'isa will be able to counter her, by having a stealth mechanic of her own and an ability that reveals invisible enemies.

Riot Games Several League of Legends screenshots showing the abilities of League's new champion Ka'isa, in a black and violeta palette. League of Legends

The garena page is unavailable as of now, but her full kit with scalings will soon be up on Leauge of Legends  and  .

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