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Nemesis: Distress announced, bring your best poker face

Published: 20:27, 10 June 2020
Awaken Realms Digital
Nemesis: Distress
Nemesis: Distress

Awaken Realms Digital are attempting to bring a spin to the multiplayer horror games by introducing the possibility of a hidden traitor. It is not the first time it's been attempted but it might just work.

Nemesis: Deception will have players wake up from their stasis pod on a space ship, only to find something is not right. The scenario has been overused in pretty much all forms of media but it does the job.

That's only the intro of a 40-minute game where a bunch of players will be working together to either retake the ship from whatever is causing a disturbance or make it to the escape pods. Or will they?

The trailer below doesn't show the best part, which will likely be the selling point for Nemesis: Deception - it is a hidden traitor type of game. Unfortunately, this is not in the spotlight and only reading the description on Steam yielded this info. Everyone will get a secret mission at the start of a match, and these missions can make life hard for pretty much everyone on board.

While some players will be tasked with destroying the Nest, which is probably the origin of the creepy things that will haunt the players, others will receive unsavoury missions that will cause them to betray the crew by killing them or sabotaging them in another manner. Others will simply want to properly get the ship to Mars.

While hidden traitor aspect is fun on its own, Nemesis: Deception will have matches with no traitor at all, except that the players don't know that and are not sure who to trust. So far it sounds like there will be a social engineering element to it but there isn't enough gameplay shown to draw proper conclusions.

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