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Mendicant Mystics wander into CKIII Royal Court with the winter teaser

Published: 06:54, 05 January 2022
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 - Christian Mystic
Crusader Kings 3 - Christian Mystic

With nothing major on the docket for the day’s dev diary, we’ll be taking a little peak at a cultural tradition. Just to whet the appetite for more content a little. 

Mendicant Mystics is a moderately uncommon tradition, one that synergizes well with faiths that already boost the mystic lifestyle. Moreover, though, there’s something that just "speaks" to a person, about the idea of impassioned people wandering the world, sharing their wisdom and message.

Consequently, Paradox have spruced it up a little bit, adding some flavor to the idea of living in a culture where wandering know-it-all is a valid career choice. To reflect this, the following events will all "try" to grab characters from the pool first, so wandering characters of such a culture are often at risk of deciding to become a mystic once they hit the road, and if a mystic breaks in, to annoy you once, there’s every chance the same mystic might come knocking a second time down the line.

Paradox Interactive CKIII - Muslim Mystic CKIII - Muslim Mystic

After all, who better than a stranger covered in twigs and mud to teach your children some valuable life lessons? Or perhaps yourself? We are all familiar with Rasputin's name, though he belongs in the Victoria timeline.

If you are interested in playing the craziest playthrough possible, this is the starting culture for you. Additionally, you can be converted, as well, it wouldn't take much, these mystics are very charismatic.

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