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LoLdle Quote of the Day Solution - True appetite never wanes

Published: 22:07, 12 March 2023
Riot Games
Coin Emperor Tahm Kench
Coin Emperor Tahm Kench

Here are the answers to the LoLdle riddles for today, March 13, 2023. We hope that these solutions will help you in solving the riddles and maintaining your win streak!

LoLdle is a game based on Wordle and uses Riot Games'    League of Legends   champions and their quotes, abilities, and splash arts. If you are in trouble of losing your streak of correct guesses, we are here to help. The last LoLdle quote of the day solution was Anivia - the Cryophoenix.

In today's LoLdle riddle, the quote of the day is: " True appetite never wanes ". Known by many names throughout history, the demon Tahm Kench travels the waterways of Runeterra, feeding his insatiable appetite with the misery of others.  

The answer for today's quote of the day is Tahm Kench - the River King.

Today's Classic LoLdle riddle quote was: " You wanna see how to disarm a bomb? ". For the solution of the Classic LoLdle riddle, these were the clues:

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Top
  • Species: Golem
  • Resource: Mana
  • Range Type: Melee
  • Region: Ixtal/Shurima
  • Release date: 2009

The solution for the Classic riddle is Malphite - Shard of the Monolith. The only survivor of the destruction that followed, Malphite now endures Runeterra's soft folk and their fluid temperaments, while struggling to find a new role worthy of the last of his kind. 

Riot Games Lunar Guardian Malphite Lunar Guardian Malphite

The solution for today's Ability LoLdle riddle is Vi - the Piltover Enforcer. The picture shows her E ability - Relentless Force . Once a criminal from the mean streets of Zaun, Vi is a hotheaded, impulsive, and fearsome woman with only a very loose respect for authority figures. 

Riot Games Heartache Vi and Heartthrob Caitlyn Heartache Vi and Heartthrob Caitlyn

The answer to today's Splash Art riddle is Vayne - the Night Hunter. Armed with a wrist-mounted crossbow and a heart full of vengeance, she is only truly happy when slaying practitioners or creations of the dark arts, striking from the shadows with a flurry of silver bolts.

Riot Games Heartseeker Vayne Heartseeker Vayne

The answer for today's LoLdle emoji riddle is Sylas - the Unshackled.

Riot Games Lunar Wraith Sylas Lunar Wraith Sylas

As a boy, his ability to root out hidden sorcery caught the attention of the notorious mageseekers, who eventually imprisoned him for turning those same powers against them. 

Having now broken free, Sylas lives as a hardened revolutionary, using the magic of those around him to destroy the kingdom he once served… and his band of outcast mage followers seems to grow by the day. 


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