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League of Legends Skarner Rework Concept Art is Out

Published: 03:30, 20 April 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Traditional Skarner Concept Art
League of Legends - Traditional Skarner Concept Art

It hasn't been long since Skarner won the poll on who should be the next on the rework block. And, while there have been arguments on who really deserved the win, there is no doubt that the rework will be wasted on Skarner.

Per their own admission, Riot haven’t yet officially started on Skarner’s VGU, though they say it will start very soon, but that didn’t stop Larry “BravoRay” Ray from doing some high-level sketches for inspiration. The person in question is a huge fan of Skarner and couldn’t help himself so Riot are sharing some possible design paths that Skarner may take in the future.

According to the developers, the first two rows are attempts to keep Skarner’s theme pretty much the same as live while making him more unique on the League roster by adding other fantastical elements rather than just a traditional scorpion body structure.

The third row contains explorations of a full reboot of the Brakern. It explores them as ancient protectors of the old Shuriman civilization before it was lost to the sand. The idea is that they are constructs built from crystals housing thousands of elite warriors' souls.

Riot Games League of Legends - Non-traditional Skarner Concept Art League of Legends - Non-traditional Skarner Concept Art

The last row is an exploration of a version of Skarner where his current lore is continued. Riot haven't committed to this yet, but in those versions, he is captured by Piltover and experimented on in order to create a Hextech guardian they can control.

But he regains his memories, escapes Piltover, and is now hellbent on destroying the city for what they did to him and his people. Which, and we cannot state this enough, seems like the best choice, purely for the vindication it has the potential to bring.

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