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League of Legends Shaco is Getting a Visual Update

Published: 06:34, 01 April 2022
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League of Legends Shaco splash art
League of Legends Shaco may be the only remaining jungler in Season 13 capable of a double camp clear

It was about time Riot made old champions' gameplay smoother. The first of the mini visual updates to be given out is going to Shaco, in an effort to stop the jerkiness inherent in the champion.

Shaco is famous in League of Legends for having the least amount of lore developed around himself. After all, as an old champion, Riot have no idea where to put this mad puppet and have it make sense.

On the Rift, though, the lore is irrelevant. WHat is relevant, however, is the way the champion feels when playing him. Due to that, Riot are introducing some changes to the champion, o make his gameplay feel smoother and more natural:

  • New hit effects based on whether they're backstabbing or attacks from the front,
  • New blink VFX,
  • New box effects, including missiles and trigger hitbox,
  • New VFX effects on his ultimate.

In addition to all of Shaco's base changes, every one of his skin will be getting small updates done to them as well. These include, at the very least, VFX effects to make the character seem more authentic.

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The changes are poised to be released with League of Legends Patch 12.7. That is, on April 13, 2022. Hopefully, this will boost SHaco's, once again, declining popularity. Though Riot really need to do something permanent regarding that, especially lore-wise, as changes such as these are merely stopgaps as to not make the champion wallow in obscurity.

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