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League of Legends Patch 12.13 Nerfs Divine Sunderer

Published: 00:27, 13 July 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Darius splash art
Lunar Beast Darius

Divine Sunderer has been dominating the top lane for quite a while now, with all champions building it due to its sheer effectiveness. Now, Riot are bringing that effectiveness down a notch.

Divine Sunderer is the sort of Mythic item that does everything in League of Legends , as far as bruisers are concerned. However, unlike other jacks of all trades, this item does everything as good, if not better than other top lane mythics offered.

To bring some variety into the top lane, and balance out the meta, Riot Games are nerfing Divine Sunderer across the board:

  • Spellblade Damage: (12% melee/9% ranged) of target's maximum health ⇒ 125% base AD (+(6% melee/3% ranged) of target's maximum health)
  •  Heal: 50% of pre mitigation damage (+(6% melee/3% ranged) of target's maximum health) ⇒ 65% of pre mitigation damage (+(4.8% melee/2.4% ranged) of target's maximum health) (+100% base AD)
  • Mythic passive bonus for Legendary items: 5% armor penetration and 5% magic penetration ⇒ 3% armor penetration and 3% magic penetration

Riot Games Splash art for Jax from League of Legends. His outfit is violet and his weapon is a lamp post. League of Legends - Jax

These changes will also apply to Ornn's masterwork item, Deicide. It seems that Riot Games thought of everything this time around. They say that their reasoning for nerfing Divine Sunderer is due to Divine Sunderer currently doing its job a bit too well.

Not only is it helping fighters play into tanks, it’s also helping them play better into everyone in general. With this update, they are looking to shift Sunderer’s power away from shredding tanks and into a comparatively lower damage/higher sustain option for fighters.

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