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League of Legends Patch 12.13 Corki Nerfs and Changes

Published: 00:17, 13 July 2022
League of Legends - Corki
League of Legends - Corki

Not only is his damage high during mid to late game, but his main survivability is also unneeded when he can attack from a full screen's worth of distance.

Corki is a mid-lane champion whose lore is nonexistent in League of Legends , and whose place in the meta is always filled with extremes.

Either the champion takes far too long to ramp up, and still does as much as champions with a better place in the meta, or his damage is out of this world, due to hybrid scaling. Riot Games are nerfing him this patch and adjusting his damage ratios to force him into closer quarters:

  •  E AD scaling increased
  • R base damage decreased, AP scaling decreased.

This is what Riot had to say on the matter of his changes in patch 12.13:

"The Daring Bombardier doesn’t look up-to-snuff when launching missiles from a screen away. His long-ranged poke has made him a menace in Pro Play given how consistent and powerful it is. We’re toning down his missiles and upgrading his Gatling Gun so Corki has a bigger reason to enter close-quarters combat."

Riot Games League of Legends Sivir League of Legends Sivir

Now, we've all been the victims of his bombardment from the fog of war, due to his long range on his R ability, one whose damage has not even been mitigated even with the durability update.

It's unlikely that Riot will ever balance Corki properly, as long as his hybrid scaling remains. However, they can and have with these changes, make him easier to kill.

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