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League of Legends - All Cancelled Champions

Published: 09:29, 07 April 2022
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League of Legends has got an abundance of champions in its roster. What is not known, however, is that there's quite a lot of champions that got canceled.

Starting off with someone whom we've heard quite a lot about lately, and that is none other than Omen. This champion was supposed to be a Void corrupter, though never made it past the beta stages of his design.

 Moving on, we have a potential champion named Tabu. He was supposed to be a voodoo shaman, though that did not work out so well for him. His design was later repurposed for the prehistoric Cho'Gath.

A rival to Vi's love, we have HUSk, a champion that was supposed to be Caitlyn's ex, and a special operative of some Zaun and Piltover units. The concept was never fully explored, but man is it cool.

Riot Games Who cares about what you think? Who cares about what you think?

The most famous of all has got to be Ao Shin. The first dragon champion to grace League of Legends never came to be. In the years since, Riot have given him homage with a plethora of other champions and their skins, such as Lee Sin or Aurelion Sol.

And, at the end we have Avedrian. If you thought Vex was depressed and had a sad backstory, just wait until you hear his. Oh wait, you can't, as he will never see the light of day, unfortunately. Maybe that's precisely, why, who knows.

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