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L.A. Noir is being ported to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch

Published: 10:18, 08 September 2017
L.A. Noir - Remaster announcement poster

While everyone is waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games have decided that their resources are better spent remastering L.A. Noir for consoles of the current generation. Between that and more GTA DLC the company definitely seems to know what its customers really want.

L.A. Noir was greeted warmly by critics and probably managed to do more than just break even when it released for the last generation of consoles. Rockstar Games have now decided to re-release the game with updated visuals, and also port a version over to the Switch.

Rockstar L.A. Noir (2011) L.A. Noir (2011)

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will run at 1080p with higher resolution textures, 4K capabilities and other increases in prettiness of various degrees. Since the Switch can't really handle any of that, the Nintendo version will receive additional options for their gimmicky controller and touch-screen features.

You can have a look at the complete list of what parts of the game exactly are getting a graphical update over on Rockstar's .

Rockstar L.A. Noir (2011) L.A. Noir (2011)

The remasters will release on 14 November 2017. That way Rockstar can have a piece of the busy November release mayhem pie, without putting in the work of actually developing and releasing a new game. No Bully 2, new IP or sequel to any of Rockstar's established franchises - a remaster will have to do.

Another GTA DLC/update is also likely in that time span, as Rockstar seem to be bleeding GTA content updates at an alarming rate.

Rockstar L.A. Noir (2011) L.A. Noir (2011)

All of the DLC content of the initial release will be featured in the remaster. Bet you feel vindicated for getting a season pass back in 2011, right?

A VR spin-off game called Case Files is also in the works for the HTC Vive, but there is no word yet about when it might get released.

Rockstar L.A. Noir (2011) L.A. Noir (2011)


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