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Jeff from the Overwatch team has left Blizzard

Published: 02:16, 21 April 2021
Jeff Kaplan putting Lego Junkertown together in front of a fireplace
Jeff Kaplan putting Lego Junkertown together in front of a fireplace

Jeff Kaplan has departed Blizzard and the abrupt news caught the community flat-footed, leaving many in shock.

Not counting the in-game heroes, Jeff Kaplan was the face of Overwatch. He would often provide monotonous but endearing updates on what we can expect from the game in the future or sometimes just sit in a chair. Probably for the memes.

The era has come to an end, however, as Blizzard announced that Kaplan has left the company after spending 19 years there. Unfortunately, the announcement doesn't touch on why Jeff and Blizzard parted ways so abruptly but it does contain the former Overwatch director's letter to the fans and developers where he thanked the team for their work on the hero shooter.

Furthermore, the letter ended with an inspirational quote, nudging readers not to accept the world as it appears to be and instead dare to see it for what it could be.

He will be replaced by Aaron Keller, who was the assistant game director for Overwatch until Jeff's departure. He also posted a letter , noting that there will be Overwatch 2 news in the near future so keep an eye out for the announcements.

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Still, it remains to be seen how the new leadership will pan out for the game that has been delayed quite a bit and has been somewhat stingy on the details since the original announcement.

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