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Looks like a new Homeworld title is in the works, maybe

Published: 11:36, 05 January 2017
Updated: 12:07, 05 January 2017
Blackbird Interactive - More Homeworld?

Blackbird Interactive feeds the rumor mill with some sweet New Year's postcards

The Facebook page of Blackbird Interactive, the current custodians of the noble Homeworld franchise, got updated with some interesting artwork a short while ago.

The developers have made no comments about their current projects, and pictures of a black airplane might just be an allusion to the studios .

Blackbird Interactive - Happy New year Blackbird Interactive - Happy New year

Still, I like the sound of "Skies of Kharak", and most people have fond memories of zooming into a single fighter craft and pretending to be in the pilot seat, amidst Homeworld's elegant space-battle carnage. Homeworld: Cataclysm even featured a cockpit view, just for these purposes, so a flight-sim set in that universe wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Blackbird Interactive Blackbird Interactive

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