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Here is the first look at Everywhere, a new game from former Rockstar dev Leslie Benzies

Published: 09:41, 28 June 2022
Screengrab/Chris Klippel
First screenshot/concept art from Everywhere
First screenshot/concept art from Everywhere

Everywhere is rumoured to have two art styles and the new screenshot seems to reveal the unrealistic, cartoony one. 

Everywhere has been a mystery ever since Leslie Benzies and his team made of former Rockstar devs announced the game way back in 2017. 

We don't know much about the project, other than it's a very, very ambitious title, inspired by Grand Theft Auto with strong online elements. 

Anyway, today, we have the first concept art/screenshots of Everywhere, courtesy of journalist Chris Klippel and Build A Rocket Mag’ Twitter profile, who shared a total of three new screenshots, which give us a first look at the game's art style and world. 

Check out the first screenshots below:

Twitter/build a rocket mag Everywhere screenshot Everywhere screenshot

Twitter/build a rocket mag Everywhere screenshot Everywhere screenshot

As you can tell, the game doesn't really look GTA-ish. If you didn't know these are Everywhere screenshots, you'd probably assume it's something from Pokemon, Fortnite or Genshin Impact. 

But rumour has it that Everywhere will have two completely different art styles - a realistic and cartoonish one. 

Since the game is also rumoured to have some sort of an in-game virtual reality, it's possible that this cartoony art style is in fact how the game looks when players are inside the VR. 

So, perhaps we are looking at Everywhere's VR worlds that players will get to explore when they are not in the actual Everywhere world, which should have a more realistic tone, similar to GTA. 

Of course, this is just speculation since we don't know a lot about Everywhere so take this as speculation and nothing more until Build A Rocketboy and Benzies reveal the first trailer and details about the game.

Everywhere does not have a release date but don't expect it anytime soon given the complexity of the technology used and the ambition of the dev team. 

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