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GTA Online: the Infernus Classic sports car is broken

Published: 12:16, 29 March 2017
Rockstar Games
GTA Online

Infernus Classic sports car made its GTA Online debut yesterday. Today people noticed something was wrong with the car's handling. Redditors quickly found the root of the problem and a fitting solution.

This article is full of spoilers.

Even though it's fresh off the conveyer belt, the Infernus Classic sports car is having some difficulties in the handling department. The car made its GTA Online debut yesterday and people immediately noticed something was wrong. During a race, the Infernus Classic tends to spin out of control when making a left turn.

This is a less than desirable situation considering the fact this car costs a cool  $915,000.

Rockstar Games GTA Online GTA Online

Redditor LimbJobs quickly took action and spread the word on the . He thought he found the root of the problem: "I had some guys look into the modeling side of the car and they found stuff was off-center with the spoilers." However, it seems even the stock version (without a spoiler) has the same problem.

After much poking around under the car's hood and even blaming the coding at one point, they came to the conclusion. The engine block isn't as symmetrical as it should be, but that turned out not to be the solution either.

Rockstar Games GTA Online GTA Online

At the end of the day, the problem was in the right rear wheel and in the fact that it behaves as if it was permanently damaged.

Fortunately, LimbJobs, immediately offered a solution as well: "Stancing" the rear left wheel (giving it wheel damage) appears to make it slide just as easily turning both directions, suggesting that the rear right is perma-damaged.

"Experience tells you that anything this hot must be crazy, and you're not wrong. The Infernus Classic is the kind of car that'll dazzle you with its perfect cheekbones, empty your bank account, and once you're sleeping in the wet patch it'll finish you off with a rusty machete. What's not to love?" says the Legendary Motorsport's description of the Infernus Classic. Well, the busted up wheel on a $915,000 car could be one of the things "not to love".

Here's hoping Rockstar finds a more permanent solution for the problem.

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