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Gonne-6 is Rainbow Six Siege's next secondary weapon addition

Published: 18:57, 22 February 2021
Rainbow Six Siege - Gonne-6
Rainbow Six Siege - Gonne-6

Rainbow Six Siege is getting some major quality of life updates for Attackers, including a new sidearm and more gadget control as well as health clarity for everyone.

Gonne-6, which you can see on the image above, is the new sidearm that will be available to six existing operators, all of the Attackers. These operators are Glaz, Dokkaebi, Lion, Finka, Gridlock, Amaru, Iana and Zero. 

The trend here, as you might have noticed, is that the group that has access to this weapon is not exactly known for breaching and Gonne-6 should give them more utility. While it can open some holes, it carries only one round so it will need to be used wisely. 

Another use for the new weapon is destroying bulletproof gadgets and thus denying intel to the opposing team. Kaid and the company will definitely have their hands full by trying to combat the explosive sidearm. Technically, you could also use it to shoot someone but it's not the best choice to do so since you will lose a lot of utility for something you could do with the primary as well.

While Gonne-6 is definitely going to improve the lives of Attackers, that's not all Year 6 has in store for them. Players will be able to control cameras and gadgets even after death which should improve area scanning and the ability to be a nuisance with your drones.

Furthermore, Attackers will gain another advantage in the ability t change their Operators as many times as they want during the prep phase so scouting out and then switching to a breather will probably be a thing.

While most of the updates are aimed at the attackers, everyone in the game will benefit from the visual changes to Health, which will now account for your armour rating in order to provide more clarity on just how resilient you are.

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