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Ghostrunner - movement abilities detailed

Published: 06:54, 23 October 2020
505 Games

Ghostrunner will officially launch on October 27. Those who purchase the game on Xbox One will score a free upgrade to the next-generation version thanks to Smart Delivery.

Ghostrunner will officially launch on October 27. Those who purchase the Xbox One version of the game will be treated to a free upgrade to the next-generation version on Xbox Series X|S when it releases in 2021.

For a game mostly about movement, Ghostrunner has some amazing ways of getting around.

Wall running

You can run along almost any flat vertical surface in Ghostrunner. All you need to do is jump at the wall. You can also leap from one wall to the next to continue the sprint.


The dash is a lightning-fast move in any direction that gets you out of harm’s way. There are a couple of bonuses to this ability.

505 Games Ghostrunner Ghostrunner

Quickly pressing the Dash button will promptly move you in whichever direction you like, but if you hold the button instead, then time slows down for several seconds. 

During this time, you can slowly glide in a single direction, evading bullets or obstacles coming your way. Then, when you let go of the button you'll dash forward from your new position, catching enemies completely off-guard.

Don't forget that you have the option to get an upgrade that lets you double-dash.


Much like in Dishonored, the Blink ability slows down time, letting you line up a distant enemy in your sights, then hit the attack button to instantly appear in front of them and perform your attack.

If you manage to position yourself so that two or three enemies are directly one behind the other and target the far one with Blink, you can cut through every enemy between you and your target. We will be waiting for video submissions of these awesome feats. 

505 Games Ghostrunner Ghostrunner

Grappling Hook

What's gravity?

The Grappling Hook can be used from the ground or in mid-air, letting you leap vast distances. With fast enough reflexes, you can get out of many a death fall by looking around for those grappling points then swinging yourself to safety. 

Enemies can't hit you when you’re in full swing, and it’s especially satisfying to slide down a slope, duck under a pipe, before leaping with full momentum off a ledge and grapple-hooking away from the abyss.

The Cybervoid

If the last point sounds like something form a Spider-man game, wait there's more. Kind of.

The Cybervoid lets you have a whole extra dimension to traverse. This cyber-dimension is only accessible to the Ghostrunners of Dharma Tower and it is where you'll learn new abilities courtesy of a mysterious AI known as the Architect.

The Cybervoid looks just like you think it does: a weird space of shifting geometries, psychedelic cyberscapes and strange puzzles that help your Ghostrunner rediscover his skills and identity.

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