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Genshin Impact leaks: Eula and Feiyan could be arriving in update 1.5

Published: 16:35, 15 March 2021
Genshin Impact
Two new characters confirmed?

A recent tweet from a credible leaker revealed the names of two upcoming Genshin Impact characters - Eula and Feiyan. Eula is apparently a Cryo claymore user and Feiyan is a Pyro catalyst.

The release of a new character is probably one of the most exciting events in Genshin Impact. After miHoYo confirmed the two banner re-runs for the 1.4 update, we can expect a couple of new characters to get released in 1.5. 

The beta for 1.5 has started today and we already have some leaks about new characters that could join the character roster. According to a credible Genshin Impact leaker called AE Entropy , we will apparently get two brand new characters in the upcoming update.

Eula will apparently be a Cryo element user from the Monstadt region. She will become the second Cryo Claymore user in the game, behind Chongyun. The second character mentioned is Feiyan. She is a Pyro character from Liyue that uses a Catalyst, just like the fan-favourite Klee. We have no information about their rarity.

There is a chance that both of them are five-star characters which would mean that the long-awaited Baizhu will most likely not make it into this update. After weeks of speculation about 1.5, it seems like we're not going to see the Dendro element after all, at least according to another leaker.

miHoYo A screenshot from the game Genshin Impact Baizhu could become the first Dendro element user

We've previously announced that multiple leaks hinted that Baizhu and Yaoyao are going to be released in the next update, and theoretically there is still a chance that we might see him on one of the banners. However, it's highly unlikely that miHoYo introduces four new characters in one update - two four-stars and two five-stars.

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