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Genshin Impact leak reveals new Tighnari model

Published: 00:44, 06 July 2022
Genshin Impact character Tighnari
Genshin Impact - Tighnari

A brand-new Genshin Impact leak apparently reveals the in-game model for one of the upcoming characters, Tighnari, who is expected to be part of the new Sumeru update.

Genshin Impact updates usually include new terrain for players to explore, with the Chasm being the most recent addition. Each year brings a new nation a new major update.

A new Genshin Impact update has  revealed a model of the new region Sumeru . The new region is expected to arrive in Genshin Impact update 3.0 which should drop around August 15. 

However, it seems as though Collei won't be the only new character to arrive with update 3.0 as multiple leaks confirmed the arrival of a new Dendro bow user named Tighnari. One of the most credible leakers by the name GenshinBLANK has apparently revealed the official splash art for Tighnari.

A brand  new Genshin Impact leak  has revealed a new in-game model featuring the new character Tighnari. He will apparently be the only new five-star character in the upcoming update 3.0.

miHoYo Genshin Impact - Chasm Genshin Impact - Chasm

Tighnari will be a new Dendro bow user and according to previous leaks, he will be a strong sub-DPS or main DPS character. When it comes to his rarity, he will apparently be the only new five-star character to arrive with Genshin Impact update 3.0 as numerous leaks already confirmed two additional re-runs for Ganyu and Zhongli.

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