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Genshin Impact leak has revealed Xiao's artifact set

Published: 23:50, 10 February 2022
Genshin impact character Xiao
Genshin Impact - Xiao

A recent leak on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed more information about one of the upcoming artifacts that will arrive in Genshin Impact update 2.6.

Genshin Impact has taken the gaming industry by storm with a large player base that keeps growing with each day.

Recent leaks  on Reddit have revealed more information about one of the upcoming Genshin Impact characters - Ayato. He will apparently be released after Yae Miko who is scheduled to arrive in update 2.5. This means that we can expect Ayato around mid-April. All we know about Ayato is that he is Ayaka's brother and the head of the Kamisato clan.

Artifacts are one of the crucial things when it comes to character builds in the game of Genshin Impact   . Choosing the right artifact set plays a huge role in a character's impact on the field.

A recent leak by a popular Genshin Impact leaker named Ubatcha1 has revealed information about one of the sets that will arrive in the upcoming update 2.6:

  • two-piece set bonus: Increases Attack by 18 per cent
  • four-piece set bonus: When casting an Elemental burst, the character gains 8 per cent. Subsequently, for each time the character loses HP, an additional +10 per cent Attack is gained, for a maximum of 4 stacks, lasting 16 seconds. This is effect is lost the moment the character leaves the field.

miHoYo Genshin Impact character Ayato Genshin Impact Ayato

Ayato is expected to be a Hydro character meaning that he should have great synergy with his sister Ayaka who's a Cryo user. His weapon of choice will be the sword and he will be the second Hydro sword user after Xingqiu. According to most leaks, he should arrive in update 2.6 which, according to miHoYo's usual update schedule should drop around April 10.

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