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Genshin Impact 2.6 banner characters officially confirmed

Published: 23:42, 28 March 2022
Genshin Impact character Sucrose
Genshin Impact - Sucrose

The official Genshin Impact Twitter account has revealed the three four-star characters that will appear on the upcoming 2.6 double banner alongside Ayato and Venti.

The addition of a new character is probably the most exciting thing a casual Genshin Impact player is looking forward to, especially in the latter stages of the game when there aren't as many quests and events to enjoy.

Previous a leak on the popular Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed that popular Anemo characters Venti could arrive in the upcoming Genshin Impact update 2.6.

The livestream event for update 2.6 has confirmed that Venti will arrive alongside Kamisato Ayato on the upcoming double banner re-run. The official Genshin Impact Twitter account has revealed all the characters that will arrive in the upcoming banner:

  • Venti (five-star Anemo bow character)
  • Kamisato Ayato (five-star Hydro sword character)
  • Yun Jin (four-star Geo polearm character)
  • Xiangling (four-star Pyro polearm character)
  • Sucrose (four-star Anemo catalyst character)

Venti was originally rumored to be released alongside another Anemo character named Kazuha. Similar to Zhongli, Kazuha didn't receive much love when he was released as his kit seemed underwhelming at first. However, all the characters that were released after him have shifted the meta and he's currently one of the strongest supports in the game.

miHoYo Genshin Impact character Yun Jin Genshin Impact - Yun Jin

Players who don't want to spend a lot of Primogems to acquire Venti could try to pull for Sucrose since she's considered to be a weaker version of Venti. The new Genshin Impact update 2.6 is scheduled to arrive on March 30.

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