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Genshin Impact 2.6: Ayato and Venti weapon banner leaked

Published: 23:35, 25 March 2022
Twitter: WaffelGI
Genshin Impact character Ayato
Genshin Impact - Kamisato Ayato

A credible Genshin Impact leaker has finally revealed the items that will arrive in the upcoming 2.6 weapon banner. The new update is set to arrive on March 30.

The addition of a new character is probably the most exciting thing a casual Genshin Impact   player is looking forward to, especially in the latter stages of the game when there aren't as many quests and events to enjoy.

Previous a leak on the popular Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed that popular Anemo characters Venti could arrive in the upcoming Genshin Impact update 2.6.

The official livestream for update 2.6 has confirmed that Venti will arrive alongside Kamisato Ayato on the upcoming double banner re-run. A recent leak by a credible Genshin Impact leaker named GenshinBLANK has revealed the weapons that will be featured on the banners:

  • Haran Tsukishiro Futsu (five-star sword)
  • Elegy for the End (five-star bow)
  • Rust (four-star bow)
  • The Flute (four-star sword)
  • The Widsith (four-star catalyst)
  • Dragon's Bane (four-star polearm)
  • Sacrificial Greatsword (four-star claymore)

Another Genshin Impact leak  reveals more information about Ayato's particle generation. Apparently, each of his Elemental Skill attacks will create a particle and it has a 1.9 seconds cooldown. Fans seem to be let down by this leak considering that all of the Inazuma characters seem to have an issue with gathering energy and they all basically require to be paired with Raiden Shogun. 

The first banner cycle for Genshin Impact update 2.6 is confirmed to arrive on March 30 and the second part is expected to drop around April 22.

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