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Gamedec reaches another stretch, might triple funding goal

Published: 11:32, 20 April 2020
Anshar Studios

Anshar Studios took to Kickstarter to fund their upcoming isometric RPG, Gamedec, which looks a lot like a cyberpunk version of DIsco Elysium. The studio's history and the idea proved enticing as the crowdfunding turned to be successful.

Gamedec is an isometric investigation RPG where the player takes the role of a futuristic detective who is solving crimes that span both the real and virtual world. The lack of combat might turn some players away but the fact that Disco Elysium proved to be a massive success with a similar approach, there is no reason to doubt Gamedec's chances.

The numbers on Kickstarter seem to fortify this view as the initial funding goal set by Anshar was $50,000 and at the time of writing the backers pledged $136,789. In other words, Gamedec was funded already and now the stretch goals would just add more features.

True Detective mode was the first stretch goal to be funded, followed by additional NPC interactions, character customisation, French and Spanish localisation and one particularly interesting feature - Seven: Days Long Gone themed Virtualium

Virtualium here is the virtual world and with the latest unlock, the players will revisit the world of the RPG by Fool's Theory. The following stretch goal that will most likely be reached by the campaign's end is based on Cthulhu so whoever wants to visit virtual tentacles and eldritch horrors will have something to look forward to.

There was exactly one week left of the crowdfunding campaign at the time of writing so it's not excluded that the backers will pledge even $150,000 which would mean the initial goal would have been tripled.

Anshar didn't specify a release date yet but the Steam page notes Gamedec should be arriving in 2020.

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