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Fortnite Celebration Cup coming to PlayStation 4

Published: 15:13, 03 February 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite Celebration Cup poster with information
Fortnite Celebration Cup, 15 and 16 February

Epic Games have some great news for Fortnite players, albeit only those who play it on PlayStation 4, as they're throwing them a competition in February. Dubbed Fortnite Celebration Cup, it features a $1 million prize pool.

"This Solos competition will take place on Saturday, February 15, and Sunday, February 16, and is open to all eligible Fortnite players on your PlayStation 4 systems. During the Celebration Cup, players will have an opportunity to earn in-game items and cash prizes", the dev wrote. 

On the first day, i.e. 15 February, Fortnite's top-performing players on each of the regional leaderboards has the opportunity to snag the following rewards:

  • Take Cover spray for the top 50 per cent players
  • Wild Accent pickaxe for the top 25 per cent players
  • Tango outfit for the top 5 per cent players

Come February 16, which is Day 2 of the competition, the best performers on regional leaderboards are getting a chance to get a piece of a $1,000,000 pie. 

Note that the Fortnite competitors in question need to have an account of at least level 15 and 2-Factor Authentication, which is only natural considering that it's a million dollars we're talking about here.

"For information on exact timing for your region, drop into Fortnite on your PS4 console and head to the 'Compete' tab in-game for details on how and when to play. Start practicing today, and we'll see you on February 15 for the tournament", Epic wrote. 

Epic Games Fortnite female character in black-and-yellow outfit Fortnite, Cameo vs Chic Outfit

Epic Games made it clear that the Fortnite Celebration Cup is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Sony Interactive Entertainment, so this is the cash coming out of Epic's pocket. We're not sure whether they're preparing something for Xbox players. 

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