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FIFA 21 gameplay seemingly leaks, shows new features and UI

Published: 12:06, 27 July 2020
Kevin De Bruyne leading the attack in FIFA 20
Kevin De Bruyne is an absolute world class midfielder, both in FIFA and real life.

A freshly created Twitter account called FIFA21Betaa has posted what looks like a promotional footage of FIFA 21 gameplay, along with some new features.

For what it's worth, it looks pretty genuine in spite of the shady circumstances it cropped up in and while no footage is immune to tampering, this one seems real. Nevertheless, grain of salt and all that - you know the drill. 

As for FIFA 21 footage, it boasts the purple colour scheme we've seen in the game's promo material, and this goes for the UI as well. There's a FIFA EA Play watermark as well, which suggests the footage was captured at some gameplay demo event or something. 

The Twitter account in question posted a series of short tweets showing off gameplay and various gameplay features, including some cosmetic changes. 

The demo match was between Liverpool and Manchester City, and you can find some faces pictured up close. That said, we wouldn't be expecting any giant visual leaps from FIFA 21, as they're more about incremental updates.

Among other posted details was the comparison between Juventus and Arsenal. Oops, did we say Juventus? We meant Piemonte Calcio and Arsenal, with the former boasting the big guns, while the latter is for all intents and purposes an overpowered representation of the Arsenal we see on highlights. 

If you head on over to FIFA21Betaa's Twitter feed, you can find some new celebrations coming to FIFA 21 as well, with the channel owner highlighting "Shhhhh!", and you know which one that is. Coincidentally, Arshavin sported that one the best, so we guess it's okay EA Sports let them off the hook a bit. 

FIFA 20, EA Sports' new instalment in the football sim franchise

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