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FIFA 20 Demo is now available for download on all platforms

Published: 07:58, 11 September 2019
FIFA 20 screenshot showing three players

FIFA 20 Demo can now be downloaded on all platforms. The demo offers some Champions League action with six teams: Liverpool, PSG, Tottenham, Chelsea, Dortmund and Real Madrid. A new 3v3 mode Volta is also available with Amsterdam location.

EA Sports' upcoming football simulation FIFA 20 is just around the corner and to get a taste of the changes and new gameplay you can download the FIFA 20 Demo, which is now live on Origin, PlayStation and Xbox One Store.

The demo weighs around 7 GB on all platforms so you won't have to wait for too long even if your internet speed is coming straight from the dial-up days. As for the content in the demo, players will have several teams to try and two modes.

FIFA 20 Demo features six clubs including Liverpool, PSG, Tottenham, Chelsea, Dortmund and Real Madrid. You'll get to play some Champions League matches with these clubs on three stadiums: Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabéu, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium or Chelsea's Stamford Bridge.

If you want to experience a bit different type of footie, EA Sports also included the brand new 3v3 mode named Volta. This mode will include only one location - Amsterdam. Volta is very similar to FIFA Street mode and EA announced it back in June 2019. On launch, it will feature 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 matches with two sets of rues - standard and Rush. In Rush, the match is played without goalies.

As expected, the matches in Volta ditch the standard football pitch and opt for more exotic locations, including a tower rooftop in Tokyo, the streets of Paris and the neon lights of Miami and more. Volta will feature 17 brand new locations across 5 continents.

EA FIFA 20 screenshot showing virgil van dijk FIFA 20

And that would be everything you'll get to experience in the new FIFA 20 Demo. Play some special Champions League matches and do some tricks in Volta as you wait for the official release date of FIFA 20, which is set for 24 September 2019. The game arrives to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One.

FIFA 20, EA Sports' new instalment in the football sim franchise

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