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FIFA 19 gameplay finds its way out of EA's blockade

Published: 12:43, 26 July 2018
EA Sports
Christiano Ronaldo cover art for FIFA 19, which will be changed soon

A reddit user called WhadaFack has posted what appears to be a whole FIFA 19 match between Manchester United and something that almost appears like a real club. United conceded early though, so the game is unrealistic and EA should be shot.

I'm kidding of course and I hope City lovers won't mind a bit of banter, especially now that FIFA 19 is rearing its head in full. It basically marks a renewal of football hostilities, which transcend the football pitch and often get settled with a controller in hand.

As for FIFA 19, everything seems legitimate as far as the game goes. There's exactly 22 players, so EA didn't lose any, right? Even though the game's still at least 95 per cent identical to its predecessor, the devil is in the details, so we're looking at a bunch of animations changes and fine tuning.

As promised and expected, the new FIFA comes draped in fancy new menus and although the leaked match shows some nice and clean design lines, the menus seem a bit on the clunky side. Personally, I'm a strict functionalist in these things and would gladly take a hit to eye-candy in exchange for swiftness. Most FIFA 19 fans on the seem to agree as well but let's move on, before we get our hopes up.

Additionally, the FIFA version you'll be seeing on the leaked video is the one from when Christiano Ronaldo was a Real Madrid player, instead of a Juventini, which is his current status. EA's Sam Rivera did reaffirm the company's stance once more, whereby FIFA 19 Ronaldo's surprise transfer.

Rivera stressed that this is something that will be checked and re-checked in each of the instances where Christiano appears, since it's not just any transfer we're looking at here - it's the transfer.

EA Cristiano Ronaldo looking down at the FIFA 18 logo FIFA 18

EA also bragged about adding pressing play to the game, which should help with the people who are " ". This being a valid strategy in football, I find it remarkable how people seem to consider it a dick move. Which it always is somehow.

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