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Facebook dips toes into streaming with game streaming hub

Published: 14:42, 08 June 2018
Updated: 12:32, 24 September 2018
Logo of social networking platform Facebook on a blue background

Facebook is far from done with their attempts to steal a piece of the streaming cake from Twitch and YouTube. Zuck and Co have now launched their own game streaming hub at, which is racking up impressive figures for a day old service.

The new hub is pretty simple, with a choice of following individual streamers, groups, games, etc. Indeed, switching from mindless browsing around Facebok's newsfeed might as well be replaced by mindless browsing of Facebook streamers. is actually part of Facebook's Level Up program for up and coming streamers. Back in January 2018, Facebook invited applicants interested in building communities around their work, promising them an established place on an increasingly relevant streaming platform. Also, make sure you tell everyone you're partners with Zuck.

Of course, a mere mention of streaming in this day and age begs the question of monetary compensation, and Zuck came through here as well. From now on, content creators will be able to receive payments during live streaming, a much needed boon to their odds against already established platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

On the surface it looks like a clever tactic by Facebook, especially if they manage to cover specific content and content creators on a constant basis. Considering that Facebook Live streaming already had users who exceeded one million viewers, should theoretically do well, despite it still being very early days. 

Don't expect Facebook to challenge Twitch or YouTube anytime soon, because numbers are not particularly kind to Zuck and Co in this particular instance. Most recent data says Facebook has somewhere around 27 thousand streamers in Q4 2017, while YouTube and Twitch racked up 293 and 814 thousand, respectively.

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Needless to say, this isn't your average short term project but if anyone is capable of such a feat, it would probably be Facebook. After all, it is the most widespread social network that is by now etched into contemporary culture. As such, many users, especially inexperienced ones, may find it a natural first step into game streaming thanks to their existing familiarity with the platform.

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