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Escape from Tarkov: Raiders spawning on Lighthouse

Published: 12:39, 20 May 2022
Updated: 12:43, 20 May 2022
Battlestate Games
Have the pre-wipe events started with Raiders spawning on the Lighthouse?
Have the pre-wipe events started with Raiders spawning on the Lighthouse?

Raiders changing location has been a pre-wipe event for many wipe cycles in the past. Has wipe finally been confirmed?

Battlestate Games posted a video on Twitter with a cryptic message. 

This is another video in the series of videos where players are left to decipher the message, and this one finally, as opposed to earlier ones, has a standing ground for a talk about the upcoming wipe. The video shows an unknown person finding a note inside the canal. 

The message is in Russian and translates to:

Scav called Rijiy has your mobile phone. He wants to sell it to rogues. You can try to get that scav before he sells it Chepushila.

Roger that. We're moving out

The meaning could be interpreted as Rogues coming back to Lighthouse from other maps, a Scav war or Tagged and Cursed event, or most likely, Raiders migrating to Lighthouse.

Looking at the Tarkov dev logs, we can see the increase both in OG Raiders spawn rate, from 30-55% percent, as well as bosses whose chances increased from 45-55% on Zones. The village, Chalet, Containers, Destroyed house, Old House, Bridge, and Rocks.

Raiders have been already spotted by the players in the village and near the water treatment so the last interpretation is probably the correct one.

Battlestate Games Knight rogue boss Will new Rogue bosses show up during pre wipe events?

If in a day or two The Flea market closes again, or The Lab becomes free to enter, then we will have a final confirmation about a wipe coming within the next 7 days

However, considering the Battlestate Games have been teasing fans for some time about the wipe, if no additional events come up, then treat this event as another tease in the series.

Killing Raiders will get you more XP than killing regular Scavs, and be sure that a lot of people will be farming Raiders on Lighthouse either way.

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