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Epic ban 9 year old Fortnite player for competing under the age limit

Published: 08:30, 07 May 2020
Epic Games
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Epic Games have found themselves in a peculiar predicament recently, after they learned that a 9-year-old Brazilian player cheated the age limit to compete.

It turns out that Zenon, which is the lad's online handle, competed in paid tournaments while being well below Fortnite's age limit for these events. 

To make matters worse, he competed in this week's open qualifiers for FNCS Solos and qualified, which we're sure adds another layer of heartbreak for the fellow. There's even a video making the rounds where he's crying over the ban message while being comforted by his father.

As punishment, Epic slapped Zenon with a 4-year ban, but this only applies for Fortnite's competitive tournaments and Arena. In other words, he'll be able to play the game regularly, but will have to wait a year longer to become eligible for the game's paid events. 

Many players rushed to Zenon's defense and openly called on Epic Games to cut the kid some slack and ease up on the ban. 

Even FaZe's owner Banks wrote on Twitter, "Why create a game that’s clearly targeted towards kids if you’re not going to let them play it? This shit breaks my fkn heart actually, let the kid play". 

In Epic's defence, they've been pretty consistent in terms of punishments for foul play. Unfortunately for Zenon, their lawsuit against a 14-year-old cheat maker showed that age matters little when serious transgressions were in play. 

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We're still silently hoping Epic shave off a year or two off of that ban, as the Brazilian is said to be a real prodigy in Fortnite. That said, we're not sure that encouraging children to circumvent rules at a young age sounds even worse than a 4-year ban. 

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