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EA state they will disclose FIFA 19 Ultimate Team pack odds

Published: 21:43, 02 July 2018
Picture of Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 18 about to take a free kick

EA Sports Vice President Daryl Holt spoke to Eurogamer at Gamelab conference in Spain and confirmed that the odds of what players might get from FIFA 19's Ultimate Team pack, which is fancy word for loot boxes, will be disclosed up front.

Holt told Eurogamer that all EA Sports product titles in 2019 will disclose these odds, which includes FIFA and the the popular Ultimate Team mode. He stated that the players know what they're getting with Ultimate Pack purchases, "a certain number of assets that are guaranteed" and he added that they are going to start "to do pack odds disclosures that will show the odds of what you might get".

That information is somewhat vague though, as Holt didn't state what pack odds FIFA 19 is going to disclose and when Eurogamer pressed the matter further, EA declined to offer any additional information.

It is also not likely that the packs will disclose the odds of winning a certain player you may be looking for, with higher chance of just disclosing the odds of winning players vs odds of winning consumables. When EA, or any other company for that matter, defends loot boxes, they keep emphasising they're not gambling because players are guaranteed to win something, as opposed to gambling which may leave gamblers without any winnings.

The thing is, that something that the players often win are items of no particular interest to them, still meaning a loss of money for no gain. This is a technicality that keeps getting exploited for the moment as it avoids classification of loot boxes of gambling, even though it still is. in Ultimate Team as an example of the items that held no value to the author.

EA Screenshot of Ultimate Team mode from FIFA 18 FIFA 18 - Ultimate Team

They have also pointed out that FIFA players have been asking for transparency for years but they kept falling on EA's deaf ears. Disclosing the odds may prove to be a step forward, or just a half-way-there type of appeasement to placate the players, with no intention of ever being transparent.

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