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EA might ditch Ronaldo as the face of FIFA 19 due to allegations

Published: 11:39, 05 October 2018
Picture of Ronaldo on FIFA 19 cover

EA's issues with Ronaldo seem to know no end, as they first had to change their covers due to his last minute transfer to Juventus and now they might completely ditch him due to rape allegations as they announced "close monitoring".

EA have stated that they will be "closely monitoring" how the situation regarding the rape allegations Ronaldo found himself entangled in lately. Juventus' star player has been accused by Kathryn Mayorga of rape back in 2009 and the story is picking up the heat all over the place.

Naturally, no company wants to affiliate itself with rapists, but there is publicly no concrete evidence,  that would point to Ronaldo being one yet. Der Spiegel claim to have an incriminating document in their possession but they have not published it. In the opposing corner, Ronaldo called that started the recent controversy as "fake news".

Both sides are locked in a tug of war at the moment, but none are presenting conclusive evidence. So far, there are only and Mayorga's claims, each serving their interests, whatever they might be.

Therefore, EA seem to be in the right to keep distance for the moment, but not pull any drastic moves before the story concludes. They have to Eurogamer that Der Spiegel's article is concerning, but didn't comment on whether they were looking to replace Ronaldo as the face of FIFA 19.

They did, however, remove Ronaldo's pictures from the official  banner, which prompted the fans to ask about the reason for this, but EA deflected the questions by stating that they use social banners "for certain marketing beats". 

FIFA Twitter's new banner features review quotes and scores, which could indeed serve as a proper marketing strategy, but following the PR disasters that were Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Battlefield V, it easy to see why the company would want to avoid any further controversy.

EA Sports Christiano Ronaldo cover art for FIFA 19, which will be changed soon FIFA 19

Meanwhile, Juventus sort of of their superstar, claiming that the events that allegedly happened almost 10 years ago don't change their view of Ronaldo's professionalism and dedication, but it remains to be seen what the final verdict will be in court. It would look really bad for the club if the allegations turned out to be true.

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