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EA detail FIFA 20 changes in 'Gameplay Beyond FIFA 19' post

Published: 13:28, 31 May 2019
EA Sports
Juventus' player kicking a ball in FIFA 19

EA latest post has to do with the future of FIFA, as their Gameplay Beyond FIFA 19 goes into the changes you can expect in the next instalment - FIFA 20. EA will be tweaking AI defending, 1v1 shooting, time finishing, chained moves, etc.

The team claim to have heard plenty of constructive feedback from the FIFA 19 community, but, surprise surprise - these changes won't be implemented before FIFA 20.

EA explained it by saying, "Although we always make an effort to deliver a refined gameplay system, there are certain changes that become more difficult to address mid-cycle."

So, FIFA 20 will feature a Renewed Defending System, with revised positioning to "the cadence and flow on the pitch." Planned Tackling will favour manual tackling, while Contain and Secondary Contain effectiveness will take a hit.

FIFA 20 will come with improved 1v1 shooting consistency, which should make scoring 'easy goals' easier. Goalkeeper reactions will be taken a notch down from superhuman.

Timed Finishing is a feature introduced in FIFA 19, and EA have had plenty of feedback thus far, so FIFA 20 will reduce the Green Timing Window from 2-4 frames to 2 frames, making them harder and more skill dependent.

Timed shots will be a bit less accurate, except when hitting the Green Window, and 180-degree shots will no longer pack turbo power.

Volley crossing and shooting will have less accuracy and varying results, and the same goes for 2-player headers, as they'll make it harder to score.

FIFA 20 will add more nuance to chained skill moves, introducing errors to consecutive moves. 

"Error is increased exponentially when chaining more than 2 skill-moves, making each subsequent skill move more error prone than the last", they wrote.

Passing will be tweaked too, with increased errors on difficult passes, such as first time and pressured ones, and decreased error on easy ones.

EA Sports New cover for FIFA 19 with De Bruyne, Neymar and Dybala FIFA 19, new cover

Dinked passes will only happen manually in FIFA 20, rather than contextually as was the case thus far, and EA are also adding a Driven Pass-and-Go mechanic - a stronger pass-and-go strategy.

You can check out the full post

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