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EA ban FIFA pro and outspoken critic over abusive behaviour

Published: 17:13, 20 October 2018
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Kurt Fenech, going by the handle Kurt0411, a professional FIFA player and an outspoken critic of the game, has been banned by EA for abusive behaviour as his criticism apparently went overboard more times than the company would've liked.

Fenech has been banned for two months from competing in FIFA 19 esports tournaments, which he says ruins his entire season "so it might as well be the whole year". However, he's adamant that even if it was only a weekend ban, he'd still not play in any events as a matter of principle.

What Fenech has been doing for the longest time, other than playing FIFA of course, was criticise EA for the "unacceptable" state that their game has been in "for the last several years". In fact, he claims that FIFA has been regressing every year and he's been shouting it from the rooftops, albeit in a very ad hominem manner.

One of Fenech's calls one enthusiastic FIFA fan and everyone who's jumped on the FIFA 19 bandwagon a "bunch of pussies", before adding that they should "call it like it is". He goes on saying that "this game should have never been released as is and that "the shambolic gameplay" is matched only by the "disgusting lag" on what are supposed to be dedicated servers.

Granted, much of Fenech's criticism could be considered constructive, had there not been for the name calling. EA claims that he was in direct violation of the company's policy and that the repeated abuse towards fellow players has earned him the ban.

Fenech, on the other hand, insists that this could not have been the case, since he has proof of other pro FIFA players doing the same, even wishing cancer on their opponents, without ever getting so much as a slap on the wrist. "The real reason is because I was right about everything to do with this company since Day 1", he added.

Kurt Fenech, Twitter A written explanation by pro FIFA player about his ban Kurt Fenech's explanation of his FIFA 19 ban

Ultimately though, Fenech claims he's done with FIFA whatever may happen but he will seek legal advice and see what happens from there.

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