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Dota Underlords open beta has started on PC, iOS and Android

Published: 02:16, 21 June 2019
Picture of Dota Underlords loot round screen
Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords, the anticipated Valve's take on Auto Chess has officially commenced the open beta stage. It is off to a great start it seems since the game already crushed Artifact's peak concurrent player count in just a few hours.

Dota Underlords open beta is up for everyone now, regardless of the preferred platform. PC players can get it on while iOS and Android users can get it from or , respectively.

The official age rating is PEGI 12 apparently but it is unknown whether that will change at all once microtransactions start pouring in. It wouldn't be the first time Valve messed up with monetisation, just take a look at if you need proof.

Dota Underlords will take on the battle pass monetisation model apparently, with customisation options that will be unlockable as players progress through the levels. It will come later on since there is currently no monetisation in the game which is a stark contrast from what Artifact turned out to be.

Speaking of stark contrasts, Dota Underlords will probably be a successful game unlike Valve's attempt at TCGs, at least according to the early statistics.

Dota Underlords has managed to break Artifact's concurrent player count record in just five hours of the open beta going up. There were 72.882 at the time of writing, a number that also made Valve's auto chess the fifth most played game on Steam with only Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege scoring higher numbers.

It may still be a little too early to talk about potential success though since Riot Games' Teamfight Tactics is currently dominating on Twitch between the two auto chess clones.

Valve Promotional image for Dota Underlords Dota Underlords

On top of that, it is not clear yet whether the gaming community's infatuation with auto chess will persevere or prove to be a passing fad with artificially built hype that originated with influencer attention. Kind of like Apex Legends. 


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