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Valve are introducing Ranked and Casual modes in Dota Underlords

Published: 10:08, 27 July 2019
Dota Underlords

Valve announced that in the next update, Dota Underlords will introduce two ways of playing - Ranked and Casual modes. To reach the Ranked mode, players will need to win at least five Casual matches, which will include Daily Challenges.

Valve have some big changes for Dota Underlords in the pipeline for the next update. In their latest announcement on Steam, Valve said that many players asked for a place where they could experiment with their builds and different strategies, or just play casually in general without worrying about the risk of losing their rank. 

That's why Valve are introducing two ways of playing Dota Underlords - Casual and Ranked. In Casual, players will be matched against opponents of the same skill level and can experiment with different builds or complete Daily Challenges and Achievements which will be available. You'll be able to queue up on your own or with friends.

To reach the Ranked mode, players will have to win at least five Casual matches. In Ranked you can only queue up solo and your Rank will be used to find a worthy opponent. And obviously, you'll also be able to earn Daily Challenges and Achievements in Ranked.

At the moment, there is no ETA on the update, but it shouldn't take long before Valve officially introduces the new system in Dota Underlords.

Furthermore, Valve also mentioned that many players were righty confused with the relationship between rank promotions and demotions and their performance in the preceding match.

For this reason, Valve are changing the way how numbers work, which should, hopefully, offer more insight into how your Rank works. "We've completely redesigned how the numbers work under the hood. Actually, we've removed the hood; your Rank is now a number you can see that moves up and down in a predictable way," it's written in the post.

The upcoming update will convert the current Rank to a new system, clear up the leaderboard and set The Lords of White Spire to Big Boss V.

Valve also say that the Ranked system has two goals - some players want the system to measure progress, while others want a clearer picture that will be objective measurement of skill.

Valve graph showing dota underlords rank points changes Dota Underlords - Rank points

You can find the announcement on Dota Underlords .

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